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What makes the Conway Bikeboard unique?

Easy to learnBetsMorganLowRes

Whether you have been skateboarding for years or not been on one before, thanks to Conway Bikeboards inherently stable design, you will ride off with confidence the first time you give it a go! Being easier to learn than either a bike or longboard, it offers near-instant access to a new push-powered riding experience. In today’s ever-busier lifestyles, being able to learn the basics of a new hobby and/or local transportation method in about a minute is a definite win!

Modular Design

Due to its modular design, you can easily transition back and forth from longboard to bikeboard. When you want to ride your longboard traditionally, simply remove the four standard mounting bolts and assemble the longboard with standard front trucks. With our universal skateboard 4-bolt pattern mounting, should you break a board or choose to swap your board out, you are free to do so, as effortlessly as changing out a skateboard truck.

Standard Components

We know you like to customize your look. Outside of the patent pending Conway Bikeboards frame itself, all skateboard and bicycle parts used in our construction are industry standard size and mounting. This allows for endless upgrades and customization to your ride! Want to rock a bigger board or upgrade your handlebars? No problem, slap on whatever you want, it’s going to fit!



Conway Bikeboards – Get on it!