• Describe the Conway Bikeboard
    • The bikeboard front end uses standard front assembly design, comparable to a beach cruiser style bicycle with respect to front wheel, forks, handlebars and breaking,

Conway Bikeboards FAQ

Conway Bikeboards FAQ








Conway Bikeboards FAQ

Conway Bikeboards FAQ









  • the difference is our patent pending mounting system to attach to the front end of a standard longboard-style skateboard, using standard skateboard fasteners.


  • Is the item shipped in an assembled/unassembled state?
    • The product is shipped primarily assembled with the consumer only having to mount the front tire and skateboard and straig
      hten and tighten the handlebars and goose neck (the goose neck is intentionally turned around as the rider position is further back than on a traditional a bike)



  • Is the skateboard component an actual skateboard (longboard) that is merely missing the front truck?
    • The skateboard is an actual skateboard (longboard) that is missing the front truck.

  • What is the max weight for the skateboard?
    • The specification for the skateboard has passed testing for max. loading weight 220lbs (110kgs).


  • Does the item come with standard front trucks for the skateboard?
    • The item does not include a second truck to mount to the front of the board.

  • Would merely adding a truck make it a functional skateboard?
    • Yes adding any standard truck, which bolts up with no modification to the board or the frame, would make it a functional skateboard.

  • Is there anything about the skateboard that would prevent it from being used as such?
    • There is nothing that would prevent the skateboard from being used in a traditional manner (assuming a front truck is added).
    • The product we have built is a standard skateboard, simply with a new front end which provides the safety features braking and stability.

  • Is the frame specifically designed for use as a bikeboard?  Does the front frame have any other applications other than as a bikeboard?  Can the frame be used as a bicycle frame?
    • The frame is specifically designed for use as a bikeboard.
    • It has no other applications other than this use.
    • The frame cannot be used as a bicycle frame.  Think of it as a modular front end for a skateboard, which can replace standard front trucks.

  • What material is the front frame constructed of?
    • The frame is made from welded steel.

  • How does one control the direction of the bikeboard when riding?  (Do the handlebars turn? Does the skateboard pivot like a regular skateboard when one transfers weight to one side?)  Please explain.
    • The directional control comes from the front and rear of the product.  The front handlebars and forks turn as they do on a standard beach cruiser bicycle and the rear assist in turning when the riders weight shifts from side to side.
    • This provides for a tight but stable turning radius if you turn the handlebars and lean to the side.

  • Is the bikeboard designed for use by children and/or adults?
    • The bikeboard is designed for people from the pre-teen to late adulthood.  It is not intended for small children under 4’8” tall.

  • Is there any training requirement prior to its use?
    • There is no training requirements prior to use.  Due to the products inherent stability, it has been our experience that people of most ages can just step on it and ride off, as long as they can comfortably stand on the product and reach the brake.

  • Is any acquired skill necessary to fully utilize the item?  Please describe the amount of training required to use this item properly.
    • No skill or prerequisite experience in cycling or skateboarding is necessary to comfortably operate this product.

  • A video on your website shows individuals maneuvering the bikeboard in manners and positions that are akin to using a skateboard. Are there special bikeboard parks or are they capable of being used in skateboard parks?
    • While the product is designed with beach boardwalk cruising in mind, we have seen interest in using the product in other use cases, including in skate parks.
    • There are no bikeboard parks to our knowledge.
    • They are capable of being used on a variety of surfaces including that found in a skatepark.

  • Does using the item involve a meaningful risk of injury?
    • If the product is used in its intended form, beach cruising and short commuting then the risk of meaningful injury is very low. 
    • Should the product be used in an extreme manner, lets say someone decides to go off a massive ramp and jump a house then the risk calculation would change based on the activity.  (We do not recommend activities with associated greater risk).

  • Is there an athletic aspect to the item? Does the item provide meaningful exercise? 
    • This product does provide meaningful exercise based on the riders desire to ‘get after it’.  When casual riding the physical requirements are low. 

    • The faster and harder you ride, the more exercise required.  It quickly can become a workout.

  • Describe the purpose of the hand-brake.
    • The hand-break applies breaking to the front wheel.  This breaking provides confident stopping power for the whole product.  Due to the riders very low rear-riding positioning the rider feels comfortable breaking and there is no feeling that breaking too hard in the front will ‘endo’ (rotate forward) over the handle bars.

  • Is the item designed or be used for transportation purposes?
    • The product is designed for shorter rides in local areas.  It is not intended to be used as a daily commuter on longer trips as you may on a bicycle.