The Conway Story

Our company is guided by one principle – 
superior design equals the perfect, spectacularly fun ride.


Founder Darren Conway, his wife Tess and daughter Willow

Our founder, Darren Conway, built the first Conway Bikeboard out of a love for all-terrain, action board sports and his desire for a modular, customizable bikeboard. While his requirements were simple he could not find one in the marketplace. He wanted one that was full-size, could be ‘slapped on any traditional longboard out there’ as well as customized quickly to how he wanted to use it, whether it was dropping into a skate park or cruising along the beach. He began engineering and experimenting in his basement with any bike parts and skateboards he could get his hands on.

An engineer by trade, Darren has a keen focus on design and a love of longboarding. Having longboarded the streets of Spain, Singapore, Serbia, New Zealand and Vienna (and countless other beautiful places) at the pace his longboard afforded him sparked an idea. How can I create the perfect bikeboarding experience?


R&D carnage and some early shredding prototypes

And more specifically one that matches the rider’s wishes – faster wheels, different trucks or bearings – all things that you can change in under four minutes. For Darren it is about having the best ride for what you want to do no matter age or skill level.

After building his first bikeboard, people kept asking, ‘where can I get one?’ He decided he could not keep all this fun (and great design) to himself – ‘he had to share the ride’. As with everything he does, he was also ready to take his ride up a notch so he brought together an amazing team, all who shared his love of action sports. He also bolted up to and rode various boards to make sure the team was creating something truly special. The result: a bikeboard that is incredibly easy to handle, tremendously fun, customizable, and garners a remarkable amount of interest everywhere it goes!

Conway Bikeboard